What competencies will leaders need in a new Covid-19 World?


9 months ago by Stewart Wright

Our independent assessment partner, Stewart Wright at Informed Assessment Ltd, has this month published an interesting and thought-provoking piece about the competencies upon which leaders might need to draw, in the wake of Coronavirus.

Published by The British Psychological Society in Assessment and Development Matters, Volume 12 No 3, titled “what competencies will leaders need in a new Covid-19 World?”, the article explores

  • Create New Vision and Value – the need to re-visit existing visions and values, and to re-align these
    to new realities, practicalities and priorities.

  • Build Sustainable Resilience in People and Systems – leaders will need to take long-term, fundamental and
    recurring shocks in their stride by exploring what constitutes resilience
    in their organisations; engaging empathetically and urgently with staff.

  • Embed Resourcefulness – looking at making best use of assets and resources, and how these can be put to good use, grown or developed for re-aligned purposes; having an appetite for seeing solutions and opportunities.

  • Horizon-scan for Existential Risks – looking out much more actively and beyond the immediate business environment for rarer but low-frequency and high-impact risks and shocks, and making time to test-out these challenges on systems and processes pro-actively

  • Apply Agile Decision-making under Pressure – making big decisions quickly, with limited or evolving information, based on combinations of necessity, insight and intuition, estimating perceived implications, consequences and opportunities

  • Engage and Inspire Remote and Virtual Teams – articulating a positive future alongside candour as to the challenges ahead; recognising the opportunities but also the
    limitations of remote working for staff; unblocking problems and obstacles associated with remote working, particularly in areas such as informal ideas-swapping and informal inter-team and intra-team relationship development which can be harder when not physically in one office.


What really stood out for us at Crucial Recruitment is the positive impact this would have on the organisation and its people. Over the last 6 months we have seen leaders having to make some drastic changes and in some cases they don’t have the competencies or capabilities in their leadership team to take it forward. We have used this as a great way to guide our clients to define strong competencies to secure the right leaders in their business. I am confident that this insight will help us and our clients navigate these ever changing times.


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