Blog 1: International Women's Day 2021 - Let's chose to challenge.

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5 months ago by Tania Edwards

Crucial we are focused on sharing our stories as we move towards International Women’s Day on 8th March. With that in mind my marketing lead, Lou Carlo, asked us to share some of our positive female influences, both professionally and personally.

When I was pulling this together, I did not have to search far in my mind for women who inspire and lift me up. I have a wonderful mother, 2 great sisters and then a group of female friends who are like family. In personal life I feel lucky to be inspired by so many.

I have been working since I was 17 and I have been as fortunate to have worked for and with women who have paved the way. In my time at Alexander Mann Solutions being led by Rosaleen Blair was inspirational daily. She always demonstrated such strength and grace in everything she did. And when I joined Workforce Logic, Cathy Wingate supported me in learning how to work with US and APAC clients. She always encouraged me and that built my confidence to ensure my very English voice was always heard. In all my working environments, I felt I could challenge and create change. I know I was lucky to have this.

And now I find myself as a Managing Director of a recruitment firm of women. I do feel a sense of responsibility to make sure I lead from the front and give my team the space to challenge and create change. I want them to have a voice in our company. But in addition, we work with clients globally and we ensure that Diversity, Gender Balance, and Inclusion is at the top of our discussion points. We can give a unique perspective to companies from a female perspective. We have been able to impact shortlists, interview and offers – all because we can offer this insight.
But I am also a mother to a son. I am proud that he sees me not only as his mum, but also as a businesswoman. I want to ensure I am raising my son to respect women and ensure that fairness and equality is available for everybody.

A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.
So let's all choose to challenge.
How will you help forge a gender equal world?

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