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At Crucial we truly value the importance of people and culture to the success of any business. We ENABLE our clients to implement their talent strategy and ensure we connect them to the best solutions and people on the planet. We have a unique approach to the way we partner with you understanding the challenges within the current business structure and to truly unearth what’s needed to achieve your vision. Whether we are upskilling your team, headhunting new talent pools or assisting our clients in understanding the talent landscape in a succession planning exercise, Crucial keep our clients and candidates informed and engaged every step of the way.

We use traditional networking skills as well as executive search approaches to find the best passive and active candidates out there, and where talent pools are very niche, we have a unique and creative approach to secure astonishing talent at pace. We consider our candidate engagement a key focus for us as an organisation, this is demonstrable through the high number of referrals we receive and our client relationships which in many cases span more than a decade.



We ensure we SIMPLIFY the recruitment process for our clients and candidates. We offer insight into the market and sector to assist you in making the most informed hiring decisions. Through a collaborative approach we learn about your business to explore whether where we can assist across candidate attraction, retention and succession planning. Aside from recruitment, perhaps we can train and upskill your employees, or we can help you understand compensation structures among your competitors to assist with attraction and limit attrition.



Crucial focus on market intelligence to help our clients make data led decisions from growth areas in their sector to where they should place resources or new office locations. We do this by conducting in-depth market research and engaging with our networks globally. As an example, we recently mapped out the EMEA Network Engineer market to assist a service provider in making a Crucial decision on where to build a 100 person NOC. Using our data and recommendations, the client was able to make an informed decision based on this information to allow them to DISRUPT their market and scale at pace safe in the knowledge that the talent pool existed and that their compensation structure was attractive and furthermore, understanding how to retain individuals once they joined.  


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    Executive Search and

    From grassroots to C-Suite, Crucial collaborate with you to find the talent to compliment your culture and grow your business across the globe.

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    Attraction, Retention, Succession, Diversity, Culture

    Crucial enable you to understand gaps and challenges in your current structure and assist you with bespoke solutions to ensure faster growth and success.

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    Talent Mapping

    Crucial future-proof your business by identifying talent pools globally and providing creative solutions to skills shortages and market gaps.

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    Competitive Intelligence

    Crucial provide a reporting service allowing you to understand key areas within your competitors offering solutions on how to
    differentiate yourselves in the market place.

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    Market Insight

    Crucial analyse market trends to ensure you are investing in the right people, technology and partnerships to reach success.

  • Bespoke Training

    Crucial can train up to 20 people in our
    state-of-the-art technical training academy across theoretical and practical applications in disruptive technologies.

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    Relationship Brokerage

    Crucial can assist you in developing your business and your network globally.

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    Salary Benchmarking

    Crucial provide real-time reports around compensation structures for roles globally highlighting solutions to attract and retain top talent.

  • Managed Services

    Crucial can manage your recruitment needs, as an extension of your own team.

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