Commodities & Natural Resources

Commodities & Natural Resources

Crucial’s energy practice spans to cover Commodities & Natural Resources, a market vertical which still plays an important and vital part in the energy supply chain.

Whilst the energy transition is in play we partner asset backed, independent trading houses, commodity majors, investment Banks, funds and major utilities across a variety of products including oil, liquids, LNG, gas, power, coal, freight, metal & mining and agriculture & soft commodities. Which compliments our other practices well, our clients work to deliver a diverse supply of energy globally to meet growing and changing needs around the globe providing energy stability.

Primarily specialising in commercial, PnL revenue generating talent, and those who can utilise data and systematic strategies to gain full appreciate of the market but also the required middle office support to enable transactions and mitigate risk. Crucial helps these organisations future-proof their business in a dynamic marketplace.


  • Head of Macro Research

    ​"We hired a Macro Research Analyst through Crucial, they presented a range of resumes for us to review. Candidates were well prepared and negotiations were conducted quickly. This helped us immensely to have a recruiter who knew the market well."

    Head of Macro Research

    Bulge Bracket

  • Head of Base Metals

    ​"I have worked with Mikhaela for over 3 years now, and in her new firm I have hired 3 individuals for my global team. As always we get the candidates we want quickly and effectively. It is great to be working together again!"

    Head of Base Metals

    IBD, Investment Bank

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