​For nearly 7 years now our consultants have partnered disruptive and innovative telecom businesses across the globe looking to scale their businesses with particular success in their challenger markets. Working with a wide range of sized companies as clients, from Tier 1 Carrier to Data Centre start up’s, we are utilised to assist with their strategic growth plans through a selection of tailored made searches.

Over the years we have built an extensive network with over 7,000 contacts, many of which consider Crucial their number 1 go to agency for consultancy for a choice highly trusted services such as recruiting, making a career change, in depth market intelligence etc.

Travelling globally to the industry’s biggest events, Crucial Recruitment offer one of the best personally connected networks of talent in the Telecommunications sector across the world especially in the US, EMEA and APAC.

Crucial’s consultants can clearly understand their customers unique requirements before quickly, efficiently and professionally finding the solution that best suits them.

Over the years we have acquired deep-rooted knowledge and great relationships with experts in so many facets we know we can offer expertise across most commercial, technical and operational functions. Most notably for mid to C-level across sales and presales, network engineering, product and marketing and M&A. We don’t stop there, any challenges you are having let us know and we will be honest about our capability then agree what we can do to help you get what you are looking for.  For example, we helped a great lawyer move to a legal counsel role to one of our Fixed Line operators in Hong Kong, we thrive under pressure.


  • AVP Sales, Mobility – IPX, GRX, LTE roaming, SS7, A2P, SMS etc.

    “Samuel contacted me for the first time to recruit me on behalf of what would have become my current employer. He has been an exceptional recruiter always trying to ensure that my requests were addressed, and my concerns or doubts clarified. I am extremely thankful to Sam for bringing to my attention a career opportunity that I would have ignored and missed if it were not for the transparency, integrity and perseverance he always demonstrated with me. His belief that I was the best candidate for the job was not his unique driver and when he created the communication conditions for me to understand that the company was the right move for me, he gained all my trust. I did not need to wait until this recommendation to be written to promote Sam as the best recruiter I have met in over 15 years and I did so by sharing his contact details with several colleagues and friends.”

    AVP Sales, Mobility – IPX, GRX, LTE roaming, SS7, A2P, SMS etc.

    Global, Leading Telecommunications Provider - offering the latest voice and data solutions to multi-national enterprises

  • CEO

    "Our work with the Crucial Recruitment team has been excellent. They are a trusted partner to find the best candidates across many diverse roles and skill-sets whilst ensuring the right organisation and culture fit.  They are collaborative, professional and a pleasure to work with."


    Wholesale Carrier, Cloud & Remote Peering Solutions‎

  • Senior Vice President

    “Sam and his team are laser sharp in getting the right talent from the market in the record time – they are quicker than your own HR team”

    Senior Vice President

    Leading Fixed Line Operator

  • HR Director

    "​We are a company that serves 1900 network operators, Internet service providers (ISPs), and content providers from more than 100 countries with peering and premium network interconnection services at its more than 20 carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchanges in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and NorthAmerica.

    Our experience with Crucial; trusted partner that delivered a very professional service. We met top candidates. The organisation of the first interviews were carefree and professional. Things got done and thanks to the Crucial team we gained another performing team!”

    HR Director

    Leading Telecommunications Provider

  • SVP of Sales

    "I really appreciate the support from Crucial. Having filled roles for us in APAC, US and EMEA in the last 12 months, they are our favoured agency with deep understanding in the global technology
    market nowadays, while being very effective and efficient to match jobs with right calibre of candidates. Speed is critical for business, with their team you get this every time as well as quality, a rare trait. Crucial folks are really the right partner for us across the globe.

    Our experience with Crucial makes them our no.1 US trusted partner that delivers a very professional service. We meet top candidates on every search. Things got done and thanks to the Crucial team we gain strong employees joining our team!”

    SVP of Sales

    Leading Network, Cloud, Hosting and Managed Services

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